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Reduce Stress

stress.gifEveryone experiences stress on a daily basis. Stress is defined as a reaction to any internal or external stimuli that upsets normal functioning and disturbs mental or physical health.  Internal conditions such as illness, pain, or emotional conflict, as well as external circumstances, such as a death in the family, or financial problems can cause STRESS.  Even positive experiences like a new marriage or job promotion can provoke stress. Long lasting or chronic stress suppress the immune system, which in turn increase the susceptibility to illness, especially to immune-related disorders or cancer. Emotional stress also leads to hormonal imbalances that interfere with immune system function.

If you reduce stress, you will help to maintain balance and health.  This is the underlying theory of several treatment modalities such as meditation, guided imagery, biofeedback, and yoga.  Other methods include dietary changes, Supplement (herbal medicine), Chiropractic. Each of these methods can be used independently or in combination with any other. The fact is that something needs to be done to reduce stress levels!

Some "Relaxation Therapies" are better than others to reduce stress. These are forms of mind and body medicine that have one thing in common; they facilitate deep relaxation and reduce stress.  A basic premise in mind and body medicine is that chronic stress can contribute to illness, and that relaxation restores the physical and mental functioning that improves one's health.  More important than the stressors themselves is our ability to cope with them.

Meditation has been shown to have a positive effect on immune functions. Meditation is extremely effective in that it slows the breathing rate, increases oxygen consumption, creates a relaxed brain wave rhythm, and increases blood flow. These are effective reactions to reduce stress and tension. Biofeedback is a relaxation therapy that will show you how to regulate your body's functions as well as to reduce physical and psychological stress. Guided imagery is a relaxation therapy that promotes tranquility. Just close your eyes, take a few deep, easy breaths, and recall a time and place when you felt relaxed and peaceful. Maintaining this relaxed state is said to help the body to heal itself. Yoga has been effective to reduce stress and anxiety, lowering blood pressure and heart rate, alleviating pain, providing relief from addictions, and improving memory, intelligence, and motor skills. It can also help your metabolic and respiratory functioning. The concept behind all relaxation therapies is the relationship between mind and body, that when the mind is restless and agitated, the health of the body will be affected. Conversely when the body is ill, mental functioning will decline, Chiropractic manipulation maintain the relationship between mind and body

stress.jpgMany symptoms of stress can be explained by an examination of diet and nutrient levels.  You can reduce stress by avoiding caffeine and food additives, and eat fresher, whole foods that are high in complex carbohydrates and low in fat.  You should consume very little foods containing simple sugars and they should be fruit. Eating the proper foods can be very therapeutic.

A complete balance of exercise will work in making the body healthier, thus reducing overall stress. Make a plan to exercise everyday and stick to your program! It's important to understand that the way we think or feel can play a very significant role in our overall health.  Reducing stress is necessary to restoring and maintaining good health. Our immune system can be enhanced or suppressed by what we think and how we respond emotionally to everything around us. 

Being educated is the first step to controlling your health. It's easy to get a prescription from your doctor and take a couple of pills. But that just makes him/her a drug dealer. While in fact, most prescription drugs don't "heal" anything.  They only alleviate the symptoms.  We must be responsible for our own health, and that may include changing our habits and lifestyle!

Chiropractic is a drug-free and non-surgical science. Chiropractors look at the human body and give special attention to its physiological and biochemical aspects. Major areas of concern for a chiropractor when examining a patient can include spinal or musculoskeletal structure, neurological activity, vascular systems, nutrition habits, emotions, and environmental relationships. Chiropractors are first-contact physicians who can diagnose conditions that may be treatable by a chiropractor, some that require referral to other health care professionals, or co-managed treatments with other health care professionals. In Better health solutions, Scottsdale Chiropractic not only work on spine manipulation, make Consultation on your nutrition and supplement.

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