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You've been suffering with back pain, neck pain, headaches and other health problems on and off for years now.   Nothing seems to be helping.  The pain is nagging and irritating and you're wanted to get rid of it NOW.   So what are your choices?   You basically have five options:



 This option is to do nothing at all and hope it goes away.   Sometimes problems resolve on their own - especially if it's a simple sprain / strain injury (like what happens to weekend warriors, or a sports injury).   But if the problem has been with you for more than a month, or it comes and goes, it's an indication that you have a more serious problem and it needs checked out.  In most cases, doing nothing is a poor choice because you could be setting the stage for permanent damage such as joint degeneration, scar tissue formation, muscular adhesions and progressive nerve damage.  



Medicine is a common approach for people suffering with musculoskeletal problems.   People typically start off taking some kind of over the counter pain medication such as Tylenol, Motrin or Alleve.   When that doesn't work, they'll go to their family doctor for more powerful drugs such as prescription strength NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory) drugs, muscle relaxers, and perhaps a narcotic strength pain killer.    The problem with taking over the counter and/or prescription strength drugs for these kinds of problems is that they don't work.   Drugs don't cure musculoskeletal problems.   They only mask the symptoms and without addressing the cause of the problem.  When you have back pain (for example), it is like a fire bell going off when there's a fire in a building.  Taking drugs is like cutting the wire to the bell so it stops ringing - but without putting out the fire itself.   (Not a good idea).  Additionally, all drugs are toxic and must be filtered out of the body by the liver and kidneys (thus putting an additional degree of stress on those organs).



If a drug approach doesn't appeal to you, a surgical approach may be even worse.  Surgery involves cutting into the body (which is invasive).  You run the risk of death from general anesthesia (1:10,000 risk).   You run the risk of a hospital born infection (which claims the lives of approximately 80,000 people every year in the U.S.).   There's the risk of permanent disability, scar tissue formation and other complications.   The current research also shows that spinal surgery has an extremely poor success rate (50%).   Plus most surgeons won't even consider taking your case untill you've first been through all the conservative approaches first.   Surgery should always be considered only as a last resort.



Chiropractic is an all natural form of healthcare.  It's non-invasive, non-toxic, and safe.  Chiropractic is an extremely powerfulhealing approach.   It gets amazing results because it works with your body's innate healing powers (instead of working against the body - such as what happens when you take drugs).  Chiropractic has helped tens of millions of people, many of whom couldn't get help with the traditional medical approach.  Each year over 20 million people go to a chiropractor!   Most of the top athletes in every major sport as well as the Olympic teams have come to rely on chiropractors to keep them functioning at the top of their games.  The only drawback with traditional chiropractic is that results are often temporary requiring endless follow-up visits.


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Spinal Corrective Programs offer all the benefits of traditional chiropractic with one imprtant addition.  Spinal Regenerative Systems with their specific spinal rehabilitation procedures actually corrects the position of the spine, rehydrates spinal discs, and assists in the healing of ligament damage; thereby achieving long-term, permanent correction.  Once you are released from care, you are done, without the need for endless follow-up visits.  A promise fulfilled.